Gridlock welcomes you to Wizards of Gridlock, a collection of 10,000 NFTs on Solana. Gridlock is a secure crypto wallet where any NFTs can find their home. We are here to showcase our amazing storage and security capabilities with a new play-to-earn project. Wizards grant you access to an exclusive community and the ability to create new NFTs through melding. You can make rarer wizards and trade within the community

Witches and Wizards live in harmony on a floating monolith known as Gridlock. Not much changed on Gridlock for centuries. All eight races of Wizards and Witches went about their days in their separate kingdoms, creating and trading tokens which provide the magic for all surrounding islands to float. That is, until the day another floating island, Central Isle, crashed into and attached itself to Gridlock. From the new island came a race of hive-minded goblins who invaded, trying to drive out the Witches and Wizards so they could take Gridlock and use its power for their empire.
The elders of the tribes said that this invasion had been foretold in legends. There was a story of an all-consuming shadow that could only be defeated when the eight different races came together to awaken the lost races. When the Wizards and Witches put their differences aside to come together, ancient artifacts emerged from deep within the volcanoes of Gridlock.
The elders called them the Melding Coins – the keys to opening the Meld Portal and ensuring their victory and survival. With the Meld Portal, the Witches and Wizards were able to meld with one another to awaken the legendary lost races. These lost races had access to new powers and abilities that were never thought to be possible, and they could forge tokens that were unimaginable to the Wizards and Witches.
This is only the beginning of the story.


Gridlock Wizards will be listed for 1 SOL on Mint Day

Standard Mint Day is TBA, but we are holding whitelist pre-sale on March 28th 2022. Whitelist is still open on our Discord server!

Our whitelist is done using Metaplex’s Candy Machine v2. We will send every member on the whitelist a Coin NFT, an SPL Token which we use to verify your wallet on pre-sale.

The coins also function in the Meld Portal when it is released, allowing you to create new NFTs by melding your two NFTs together. Each coin has a different effect. 

Coins can now be purchased from the Gridlock app.


Each Gridlock Wizard is unique and programmatically generated from over 120 possible traits, drawn by a freelance artist. These traits include magical staff, different skins, and much more. All Wizards are awesome, but some are rarer than others.

When you buy a Gridlock Wizard, you’re not simply buying an avatar or an extremely rare piece of art. You are gaining the ability to meld new and rare NFTs, and become part of an exclusive community where your Wizard will serve as your digital identity.


Discover the story


Discover the genesis collection of the rarest AI generated Wizard NFTs.


Phase 1 START

Laying the foundations, marketing & getting people on the whitelist

Phase 2 LAUNCH

Whitelist sale, main launch. Partnerships & promotions


Witches of Gridlock! Same traits, but on beautiful women


Begin melding and expanding your collection! Trade with the community


Pets, Zombies, Goblins! Huge partnerships & promotions



“The Warlock”



“The Wizard”



“The Magician”



“The Sorcerer”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT ?

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token. An NFT is basically data that is accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific and unique. An NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token.

How Can I Buy ?
You will be able to buy on our website when we launch. Join our discord to find out more information about our launch date.
What does “Mint” mean ?
NFT Minting is the process by which your digital art or digital content becomes a part of the Solana blockchain.
How much does it cost to buy a Wizard of Gridlock NFT ?
The price will be 0.5 SOL